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Ready to book your next trip to Bali? Then keep on reading this post! Booking a flight to Bali can be expensive, however, with the right tips & tricks you can save yourself a lot of money. Since we’re flying to and from Bali at least three times a year over the past ten years, we wanted to share our personal insider tips on ‘how to book’ your plane tickets to Bali and share some essential info you should think of prior to your booking. Let’s go!

// How to book your plane tickets to Bali?

The international airport of Bali is Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar. Just fill in Denpasar when you start your booking and you’re good to go. Before booking our flight we always check Skyscanner, Google flights and for our Dutch friends: (or, it falls under the same OTA and works the same but stuns with good discounts) and Kilroy (discount under age of 31 or if you’re a student).

// How to get the best price for your ticket to Bali?
Don’t fill in specific dates if you are flexible: use the month overview, where you can easily check which days have the lowest rates!

Another tip for our Dutchies: are you really flexible in dates and looking for the cheapest ticket to Bali? Google: ‘Bali’ + ‘’ and you’ll get the cheapest rate for specific dates within the next months. Let’s go!

// What does a ticket to Bali cost?

From Amsterdam to Bali a ‘cheap’ ticket would be 600 to 700 euros. Average price would be around 700 and 850 euros. And for high season or low availability, you need to think of 850 euros and up.

// Which day is the best day to book a ticket to Bali?

Did you know that it actually matters on which day you book your flight? According to Cheaptickets, Tuesday or Wednesday are the best days to book your flight to Asia, but apparently, Saturday and Sunday also work well. They claim you’ll find the cheapest tickets between 63 and 78 days before your departure date.

// Booking last minute?

In our experience, booking last minute works quite as well, unless you are planning to visit Bali in high season (July, August and around Christmas). Do note, that when you book last minute and you see a well affordable ticket – don’t hesitate and book it. Within moments your ticket can be gone… it can get quite stressful when you wait because you’ll see prices going up and flights unavailable with every minute! On you can even see how many seats are still available, and we actually learned that this is not a selling trick but actual live information. So be fast to book good rates when you see them!

// Which airlines should I choose?

We advise you to check two things:
1) Choose a night flight.
2) Choose the shortest flying duration.

There are no direct flights from Europe to Bali, but it’s very doable! KLM stops in Singapore and Garuda in Jakarta. From Amsterdam to Bali with KLM will take you about 12 hours, you’ll have to wait 1 hour in Singapore and you can take the same plane to Bali. A total of 16 hours. We’d say always choose a flight with only a few hours layover, you won’t regret it. Stopovers can be heavy and the sooner you can get to Bali the better ;)

From Amsterdam to Bali we always try to book a night flight. Once you’re settled in and had dinner in the plane you’re basically ready for bed. If you fly in the night you’ll arrive the next day around 8 pm in Bali. It shouldn’t give you too much jetlag since you’re probably tired from the journey.

Also, if you’re traveling with kids, you definitely want to go for the night flight. So your little ones hopefully will snooze smoothly throughout the flight.

// Which airlines should I choose?

KLM and Garuda Airlines both depart from Amsterdam around 7 pm or 9 pm in the evening. We always book a special meal in advance, either vegetarian or Asian vegetarian. You get your food earlier than anyone else (big YAY haha). We always try to get immediately in the rhythm of the country we’re flying to. It really helps to beat that jetlag.

Also, check out ‘what to pack to Bali’ and more Bali flight tips in our blog post here!

Safe travels, and let us know in the comments if you have any more tips to add or other experiences traveling to Bali!

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