Shell we dance? New Spotify playlist

May 15, 2020

Shell we dance? New Spotify playlist

A few weeks ago we created our very first Spotify playlist for you! And today we're sending more sunshine vibes your way with our newest Spotify list: Shell we dance? Cause hey, we can't go out at this time but that doesn't mean we shouldn't break a boogie at home!

Share the sunshine and send it over to your friends who can use some good vibes! Heck even organize a little dance party on Zoom with your friends (and imagine yourself dancing into the sunset, with your bare feet in the sand, watching the waves roll in!)

For this list, we collected our favorite songs (watch out kids: we've got lots of 90's vibes in there!) to create a Spotify playlist for your daily dance sessions at home, that will bring you mentally boogying under the Bali sun!

Click here to find our SHELL WE DANCE PLAYLIST on Spotify.

Enjoy sunshine friends, hang in there and let us know which song from our list is your favorite. Share it on your Instagram stories by tagging @welikebali and share the list with your friends to help spread that sunshine!

Love, Pris & Eve

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October 16, 2020


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