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Still in a major after bliss of our We Like Bali book in The Netherlands, but the celebration is far from over! We have been contemplating on something awesome for you guys because we can’t let this moment go by without thanking you all properly! And what better way than to throw a MASSIVE giveaway on Instagram! We have been working on this behind the scenes for the last weeks and couldn’t be more excited to finally tell you what we’ve got for you…

Get ready for…

10 days of Bali holiday giveaways!

10 years of Welikebali means we must not just do 1 big give-away, nope, we’ll do 10! We’ve selected our top 10 favorite Bali islands stays, hotspots and brands for this ultimate Welike Bali giveaway. Because it’s about time to treat YOU guys! From a getaway to Flores on Le Pirate Island to all day hangs and food at The Lawn Canggu and a shopping spree at the new Gooseberry Intimates Boutique & Café to free nights at out favorite Canggu villa Casa Soleil.

You will have the chance to win a Bali Holiday prize every day on our Instagram for the next upcoming 10 days!

Mark your calendars.
We will kick-off with the first Give-Away day on Friday 11 October.

How to enter the give-away?
1) Follow @welikebali on Instagram.
2) Comment under the post with the prize that you want to win, by tagging your friends who you wanna win it with. Leaving a few words or some emoji’s will help to get noticed!

Every day we will pick a prize winner from the comment section and will reveal in insta-stories and a private DM.

Will you join the give-away? Leave a note in the comments! Let’s start the countdown!! #10daysbaligiveaways


  1. Angel says

    I’m heading to Bali next week can’t wait to see more of paradise I will be entering for the chance to win one of your amazing prizes

    • Chaime says

      Vorige week zondag terug gekomen uit Bali (met pijn in mijn hart). Dit was de eerste keer Bali en het eiland heeft me gelijk geraakt met haar mooie cultuur, mensen en natuur ❤.
      Bij terug komst gelijk een spaarpotje gestart voor Bali 2020, met als doel 2 maanden Bali! Hierbij zou een van jullie prijzen hartstikke goed van pas komen!

  2. Romy says

    3 weken genoten op Bali en nu een week thuis in Nederland. Bali heeft mijn/ons hartje veroverd en wij willen volgend jaar heel graag terug ☀️ met de tips van Pris&Eve kunnen wij nog mooiere plekken ontdekken en leuke restaurantjes vinden.

  3. Patricia Joseph says

    Een van mijn grootste dromen om nog eens naar Bali te gaan.
    Hoe gaaf zou het zijn als ik zou kunnen zeggen ik ga naar Bali.
    Ben jullie gaan volgen, en ondanks dat ik er nog nooit ben geweest kan ik vol overgave zeggen I LIKE BALI alleen al door alles wat ik bij jullie voorbij zie komen. Super super gaaf!!!!

  4. vini says

    Yaaaaass‼️ You two are awesome shout out to both of you .. for doing amazing works in promoting Bali

  5. Adeline says

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait for this. Bali stole my heart last year and I’m dying to come back thank you for this amazing giveaway ❤️

  6. Cyndi Stone says

    Hi Pris & Eve, i’m a huge fan of you guys and been following you since forever. You guys are so inspiring and your Instagram content are amazing. I live in Bali and i would looovee to win some of the Gooseberry Intimates (always wanted to buy but they’re so expensive ) Thank you @welikebali ❤️ Keep inspiring

  7. Isa says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Bali, that’s like a dream coming trough. Already bought the we like bali book and i’m in love with it!!

  8. steve says

    NRA Members beware…!!! I joined the NRA wine club on the exact day I received the offer email (6/12/2012). I received my wines today (6/19/2012) HOWEVER… None of the wines promised in their email and still being offered today were included in my shipment. Also the Free Wine Tote or the $25 gift certificate that was to be shipped was even shipped yet…

  9. I was looking forward to this post, but you’ve really said nothing about the bag itself! How you came to choose it, why Chanel, what the experience of buying the bag was like… maybe you buried that out of fear of judgement for just buying it, so the post feels more like a justification for buying the bag, but I think most of us are interest in your thoughts about the bag itself! I’d love to know more about how you landed on Chanel and the experience of buying something like that at a store that most of us probably never set foot in. Thanks!

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