We got married! (Part 1)

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Hi friends, it’s Eve here with our story and some photos we promised…! Because YES, we did it! We got… married!

I got engagement almost exactly one year ago to the love of my life Stephen. Our story started 10 years ago in Bali, when Pris and I moved to the island and this handsome picked us up from the airport (he is Pris’s cousin!). He was doing his internship at the time in Bali and we became close friends, the sparks flew over and I fell deeply and deeply in love with him. Little did I know now, 10 years after we’d be husband and wife and having a baby! (still pinching myself how I got this lucky).

He popped the question on 22-10-2018 at the most beautiful place Karma Kandara in Bali (very special to us it’s where we had our first sort of date day!) just after a most magical sunset at our private suite with only the two of us under the stars and nothing but the sound of the ocean. A dream!

Shortly after we started making plans for a Summer wedding in Holland with all our family and friends for 2019. Lot’s of you were thinking we would get married in Bali, but our family is in Holland and it wouldn’t be the same without having all of them, so we decided to have our wedding in Holland.

And then… in the midst of all planning, something beautiful came in between, our biggest gift of life, our little island baby! Being due beginning of January 2019 (just a few days away now, or any time.. who knows!) we were thinking a big wedding might be a bit much to organize as we want to enjoy every moment with our little one and I don’t want too many distractions during this special time, as work and all is also still full-on.

So, we decided to split up our wedding in two parts. And last month just when we got back from Bali we got married ‘part 1’! We went to city hall in Amsterdam with our parents, brothers, sisters and all the little ones and said YES to being husband and wife for life. It was such a beautiful, intimate (although our 2 families together are already 40 persons haha) and we couldn’t have wished for a more special day! Especially with littlebolletje in my belly it felt even more special to become husband and wife as our life as new parents is coming closer every day. I was just so ready to call Stephen my husband! For our ‘part 2’ wedding, we want to have a wedding day with a ceremony with a reverent as we want both to vow for God, and a big festive dinner and evening with both our complete families including all sweet aunties, uncles and friends. A beach wedding is still on my wishlist, but let’s see how the parenting life goes, haha. Priorities are undoubtedly shifting so we’re not setting any dates yet.

We added a few photos below here of our part 1 Amsterdam wedding as we’re excited to share this news with you. After the town hall ceremony, we went to the Indonesian restaurant Mama Makan for a festive evening with lots of drinks (well, for me mocktails only!), good food, laughter and making memories. And we brought our own wedding cake made by the amazing Sprinkles Bakery. They made an incredible cake (we went for chocolate as we knew all the kids would love it too!), cupcakes and we did some special cookie give-aways for everyone.

Hope you loved this little personal write up and I’m sending you all so much love, sunshine and that all your dreams come true in this new year!


A special thanks to:
Our loving parents, brothers, sisters, little ones, so blessed with you all!
Mama Makan Amsterdam for hosting us 
Sprinkles Bakery for the best wedding cake EVER
Kim Verhagen for getting wrid of my pre-momhood bags under my eyes haha and pretty hair
My brother David en bestie Anne Bonthuis for the photos!

And above all, my husband and daddy to be, Stephen. With you I’m the richest girl in the world, nothing could I ever wished for than to be your loving wife by your side. Always. Kan niet wachten tot we ons bolletje kunnen vasthouden en knuffelen!!

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So wow 2018… this happpened: engaged.. pregnant.. MARRIED! YES WE DIT IT! (Swipe for 💍💍!) ⁣ 〰️ Almost 10 years ago our paths crossed in Bali, and our story started. I fell deeply and deeply in love with Stephen @andes_bjj and almost 1 year ago he popped the question (a few hours after Pris took this photo of us, little did I know!! 😝) on the most beautiful place on the island. Under the stars, with only the sound of the ocean, and just you and me. Will I marry you? YES. I do! Because with you I found love. And I’m the richest girl in the world. Never would I wish for anything more, than to be your loving wife by your side. Always. ⁣ 〰️ Now 23-11-2018 we became HUSBAND and WIFE, Mr & Mrs Andes!!! 😍🥰 And with our biggest adventure with the little one on the way it felt like the perfect time for it 👶🏽🌺💍 We celebrated this magical day in Amsterdam with all our parents, brothers, sisters & kiddies. Will share our wedding story & photos on the blog today, keep an eye on our Insta Stories! Still planning our wedding ‘part 2’ next year with our little bubba and all friends & family! Can’t wait for more LOVE & ADVENTURES IN 2019!! ⁣ 〰️ Sending love & sunshine to you all on this last day of the year and a huge THANK YOU to life, you all, and Him. #husbandandwife #justmarried #gilaeniepie (& thnks @elinevanhaasteren for editing the video!!)

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