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It’s Friday and that means a new VIDEO! This time we’re sharing our own edited video (till 4AM omg!!!) as our team at The Makers Channel is having a well deserved vacay. So it’s actually our first very own YouTube video, so exciting! We hope you’ll love it as much as we do! Excuse the beginners fault edits haha :))

For this episode we’re taking you to paradise on earth: Flores! Just an hour flight away from Bali. And on our Bucket List for years, ticked it off finally! We made a little video diary to share our amazing trip with you. And could you imagine it’s even more surreal and beautiful in real life? Really, when you have the chance you MUST go!

Special HUGE thanks for the team at Le Pirate and Le Pirate Explorer, especially Tina -best guide ever!- for hosting us and our sisasquad Yenny, Kim, Lara and Lucette. We made memories for a lifetime.

Watch the full video and see how we islandhop with Le Pirate Explorer with the girls. We swam with manta rays, saw dolfins, sea turtles, visited the most incredible deserted islands, mermaided in clear blue waters… everything was MAGICAL!

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  1. Hi Pris & Eve!

    I love your blog/vlogs <3 You girls are so beautiful and very inspiring.

    I am visiting Bali in December and would really like to do the island tour to the Komodo Island with Le Pirate Explorer, but I am a little skeptic cause of the weather during those time.
    How is the weather there in December? Do you know/think the sea condition will be rough and will be raining a lot to even consider doing the trip?

    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you!

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