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Well, as you might’ve noticed, rainy season this year has been full on in Bali. Happy nature, less happy travellers. It’s funny we got many of you sending us messages about tips on what to do on rainy days. So we decided to dedicate a blogpost on 10 things to do when it’s raining!!

And feel free to add your tips in the comments! Let’s make this a fun list for everyone in Bali to stay happy when it’s pooring :)

Yessss! One of the many amazing things about Bali life is that massages and spa’s are super affordable. You can’t leave Bali without at least 2 or 3 massages (per week actually). You’ll feel reborn and it’s so good for your body (and to catch up sleep zzzz!). We have a few favorite spa escapes. Our recent obsession is Prana Spa in Seminyak, an exotic inspired spa complex with the dreamiest plunge pool. And the most romantic one for couples! Other faves are Cozy (good, strong massages) and Laniakea Spa if you’re around Uluwatu area AND you can’t miss out on the Rob Peetoom Hair Spa. With view on the ricefields you’ll enjoy an amazing head massage and hair mask. And if you’ll feel like you’re missing out on tanning time, go for the Maroccan spray tan at The Cottage Beauty House.

OR… home spa! Turn your tropical Bali bathroom into your home spa, and get your favorite beauty products like Bali Body and coffee scrubs like Wake up with Me Skin. And most villas and hotels offer in-room massages. Enough said.

Rainy season bliss @pranaspabali 🙌🏼 (i.e echoing giggles at the plunge pool & loud snoring through our massages 🙈😴💆🏽) #balibliss

Een foto die is geplaatst door PRIS & EVE 🌴 WELIKE BALI (@welikebali) op

Pre X-mas bliss @robpeetoom #pampered 💆🏽🎄🎅🏽{check out their IG stories how we got spoiled} 🙌🏼

Een foto die is geplaatst door PRIS & EVE 🌴 WELIKE BALI (@welikebali) op

This one’s for you girls. Don’t leave Bali without spoiling yourself (or better said get spoiled) with plenty mani pedi’s. It’s very affordable and so relaxed! If you’ve been following us or have read our Bali Guide, you might know we always go to the Gooseberry Intimates Flagship Store to get pampered. This worldwide bestselling lace lingerie brand has a nail salon on the first floor, with the sweetest girl and best nail skills in town. And after of course, it’s shopping time. Leaving as happiest girls, always.


Rainy days means loads of time to visit your favorite cafes! If you have our Bali Travel Guide, you know we can name you 100 amazing places to eat and sip coffee or a coconut, but if we have to name you our 5 current faves that we’d love to hide out at all day when it’s raining it has to be:

Brekkie –Kimsoo, Seminyak: best coffee, cakes, brekkie and such a store where you want to buy EVERYTHING for you home. Seriously, everything. We never leave without buying something.
Coffee & Cake fix – Biku, Petitenget: high tea, fresh scones, the best chocolate cake in town and cozy hangouts. Biku is our fave hideout on a rainy day to hangout with friends!
Lunch: Peloton Supershop, Canggu: our all-time favorite go-to spot. A plant based cafe and cycle shop with the yummiest food ever! Don’t miss out on the coconut cappuccino.
Pre-dinner drinks: Akademi Bar, Petitenget: although we ain’t big drinkers ourselves, the cocktails at Akademi Bar are the only ones we drink. They are incredible! A beautiful contemporary bar and hangout on the Potato Head Beach Club Venue, inside Katamama Hotel.
Dinner – The Slow, Canggu: new stylish, tropical boutique hotel (see our Welikesleeps report here!) with a great all day restaurant with delicious sharing plates, with a creative twist and if the rain doesn’t stop you can move over to the bar to hangout into the late hours and sip delicious cocktails or one of the best cuppa coffees in town. And if you still  don’t feel like sleeping, it’s a quick stroll to Old Mans to dance into the night, or until it’s dry and you can go home safe :)

Coffee & (a lot of) Cake fix ✔️☕️🍰 @swfboutique #happybellies

Een foto die is geplaatst door PRIS & EVE 🌴 WELIKE BALI (@welikebali) op

When in Bali, you might as well get happy and healthy. If a yoga sesh is too zen for you there are plenty of amazing options to get toned when not getting tanned. Get surf fit at Bali Fit in Canggu, loosen up the hips at Tahitian Dance class at The Canggu Studio, lift weights at Soham and crossfitters amongst you will love Crossfit Wanderlust. OR get yourself a personal trainer: Fin from Evolution Fitness will kick your butt. Rain or no rain, she will train you no matter what. And frankly we even loved training with her in the rain, we needed the cooldown!

Personal Training Evolution Fitness

Usually we’d advise you to avoid Kuta. But there is one exception: Beachwalk. An open air mall with some of our fave shops and spots like Zara, Topshop, Rob Peetoom Hair Spa, Sushi Tei (easy quick sushi) AND most importantly: the cinema! Make sure to get yourself VIP tickets: which means you’ll have a couch frontrow, blankets and service at your seats. The life! Now put on Moana and we’re happy.

It is what it is. Maybe a good yoga session will take away your Bali exploring fomo and make you content with the present moment. A.k.a. be less cranky that the rain is spoiling your tanning plans. Plus, it’s a good and healthy workout for your body. Our favorite yoga spots are The Practice in Canggu and Carlotta’s class at Desa Seni, Prana in Seminyak is our regular yoga go-to place and if you’re around Uluwatu area, Morning Light Yoga at Uluwatu Surf Villas is absolutely incredible. When in Ubud try Yoga Barn, Ubud Yoga House or Intuitive Flow (but GOALS is the yoga at Como Shambala or Five Elements, but check that first as it’s usually for guests only).


N’AMASTAY IN BALI 🌴😊 Inner warrior awakenings w/ these babes @morninglightyoga #yoginis

Een foto die is geplaatst door PRIS & EVE 🌴 WELIKE BALI (@welikebali) op

A little rain won’t melt ya. And if you can’t spend the day on the beach, a day souvenir shopping and treasure hunting at your favorite Bali boutiques is a day well spent. For souvenir shopping we’d recommend Double Six street, for amazing boutiques head over to Oberoi (and stop on the way at the Faithfull the Brand pop-up store in Single Fin on Seminyak street!) and stroll all the way into Petitenget for many good shops. On Kerobokan street you can get pretty things for your home. If you’re looking for a new bikini when the sun does decide to come out and play: head over to our favorite swimwear shops Wanderlust Bali, Tropicana Store or Drifter (all on Oberoi street).

If a more timeless souvenir is on your wishlist, getting a tattoo in Bali is not a bad idea. Or at least, not at that moment. We’ve had most of our tattoos made in Bali, and we’re very happy with them! Actually feel like a few new onces soon. Nope, not addictive at all ;)) Most good places aren’t cheap, but better go for one that looks clean and good to you. Check out Baba Yaga tattoo in Canggu!

Hopefully you’re i a really nice homestay, villa or hotel in Bali. A holiday usually means you need some time to unwind and relax. Bali can be super busy and hectic with crazy traffic and as most of you suffer Bali FOMO (you wanna do a lot in a short time), it’s also good to just sit back and do nothing for a bit. Hideout from the rain in your garden joglo, or cuddle up in bed with your favorite book (or Netflix on your laptop). Listen to the sound of the rain, birds singing, smell the fresh incense and realize for a moment your in beautiful Bali. Allow the gratitude to full your heart.

And, last but not least: smile! It’s a gift to nature and life is good. So let’s dance in the rain and make each day a beautiful one! Don’t let the rain spoil your plans, embrace the tropical rain showers and keep exploring!

Why be moody when you can shake yo booty 💦👯🌴 @lajoyabali #balilife #raindance #makerschannel

Een video die is geplaatst door PRIS & EVE 🌴 WELIKE BALI (@welikebali) op

If you’d love more of our Bali insider tips, we released our Welike Bali Islandlife travel guide a few months ago! Our printed book and eGuide with 250 of our all-time favorite spots is now available in our online store here.


  1. Laure Duchateau says

    I Arrived in Bali two weeks ago for a 6 months internship and I have to say that your blog (and instagram, -mine is lauredcht- ) helps me a lot ! Thank you :) Hope to see you on Bali may be !

  2. I just came back from two weeks trip to Bali myself and can only but confirm how beautiful Bali is!! But it was raining almost every day all the time, so I actually got inked (my very second tattoo wuhuu) like you mentioned and spent so much time writing and reading for the first time since a while :)

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