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  1. Serene says

    hi Pris and Eve!

    i love your blog and all the amazing pics in it as well! i wondering if you know of any other blogs or websites like yours so i could check them out. i really like these types of blogs like you guys do. please let me know! thx.

        • Pris & Eve says

          You’re welcome, have the best time! Tag us in a few photo’s so we can follow your adventure in Bali! :) -x-

  2. Hi! Me and my boyfriend is going to Bali on monday (10 jan) and his birthday is 14 jan, do you have any tips how to celebrate his birthday, where should we eat? We are staying in Uluwatu but can go anywhere around. And do you have any shoppingtips in bali, clothing store and bikinis? Thanks for a lovely blog!! xx Jenny from Sweden

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Jenny! Hope you arrived well on the island! Well, if you’re going to be celebrating around Uluwatu, a birthday sunset session at Single Fin is a must! Dinner there is quite lovely too, you can book a table here or hire a table on the VIP deck to make it extra special :) Other amazing places to dine nearby are Karma Kandara and Finn’s Beach Club. Really nice to hang out here the whole day and make a reservation for dinner during sunset. Super romantic (but a bit pricey tho..). If you want a spot on the daybeds you need to be early, around 10am. But you won’t be bored a sec, it’s amazing there! Also check out El Kabron maybe? For a cheap but romantic night you can eat BBQ Fish on Bingin Beach!

      For the shopping part; the whole Seminyak, Petitenget area is pretty awesome for shopping by foot. Oberoi street for the best boutiques and swimwear for sure. Check out The Drifter, Tropicana Store and Wanderlust Bali for bikini’s :)

      Enjoy, hope you’ll have the best birthday for your boyfriend! -x- Pris & Eve

  3. Michael Bosten says

    Hello Pris & Eve.
    My name is Michael. My wife Sicilia, our son Michael jr. and I are making plans to emigrate to Indonesia. (Lombok). My wife is Indonesian (Surabaya) but she has no longer a Indonesian passport. All three of us are Dutch. So, if you prefer to correspondent in Dutch, just let me know.
    Although we already have a lot of information on how to move to Indonesia and about rules and regulations, we are still left with a lot of uncertainties. We are wondering how you manage this. Things like, house ownership, work permit, visa, insurance, and so on.
    Our plans are to leave for Indonesia August/September 2016. Apparently there is a new rule since Dec. 2015 in Indonesia where expats are allowed to buy and own a house in Indonesia for a period up to 80 years. Still, the expat is expected to have a job in Indonesia. No dought that my wife will find a job, but what about me. Will I be able to find a job there?
    You see, we need that last certain comfort feeling that tells us that we do have a chance of success and that we can do it. In the future we would like to open a small resort on Lombok.
    Look, you took the chance to leave your comfort zone and move to Bali, but how. Where do I begin? Where do I have to go once I arrive in Indonesia? Please, please ,please, can you guide us a little.
    By the way, jullie hebben het goed voor elkaar daar met z’n tweetjes. Complimenten.
    Mvg. Michael, Sicilia en Michael.

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Michael & Sicilia, bedankt voor jullie bericht! We antwoorden wel even in het Engels zodat iedereen kan meelezen :) First, what an amazing adventure you’re heaving ahead. Understanding to read you have a lot of questions on HOW though, we can imagine because it’s not that easy. The rules did change a lot in the last years. We’re traveling to Bali a lot but still living in The Netherlands. Regarding housing, business and ownership rules and visa we’d say it’s best to address these to a specialized visa agency in Bali. There are plenty great ones helping expats making Bali / Indonesia their new home. You might want to reach out to Bali Expat Services. If you’d prefer a dutch agency to meet here, Visum Accessindonesia might be something for you. We’re sorry not to fill you in on all your questions but we do hope this helps! Keep us posted on your journey? Have a beautiful day! Pris & Eve x

  4. Simone says

    Hi Girls! Im moving to Bali in september, for studying, exploring, surfing, yoga and just experience the wonderful Bali. You really inspired me to create my own blog, and maybe I could even get the chance of meeting you.

    What do you do for living? And it is easy to get a job in Bali?

    Have an amazing day!

    Best Regards,

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi gorgeous Simone! Thanks for your message, what an exciting year for you! We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time making your dreams happen. In Bali most expats create their own business. That does require the right investments and working permits. You could also check out international company’s who hire foreigners. Maybe this website can help you out finding more info on working in Bali: We are working as Social Media Marketeers for several clients, mostly in The Netherlands. So traveling back and forth to Bali a lot. Good luck and enjoy your Bali adventure! -x- Pris & Eve

  5. Jackie says

    Hi Pris and Eve,

    Loving the blog and your Instagram!
    Me and my fiancé Ryan are coming to Bali on our honeymoon later this year and currently planning out our trip. Are there any amazing one bed villas with pools you would recommend? We’re looking to spend time in a few different areas.

    Thanks so much
    Jackie x

  6. Janneke says

    Hi Pris and Eve!

    Really love your instagram and blogs, have been Reading everything because we are now finally on Bali! First day today and staying in sanur. We are wondering where to find the best beaches, do you have some recommendings?
    Because of your blog we are planning to go to Gili for a few days!
    Thank you so much!

    X Janneke

  7. Christel says

    Hi Pris & Eve!

    I love Youre blog and I looking always jealous at youre foto’s!

    Now my question.. Me and my boyfriend are goiing to Bali This July for 3 weeks.. And we like to stay 2 weeks in Bali en maybe 1 week on the gili’s or Nusa lembongam.. Bud what do you prefer? Maybe is Nusa lembongam more quiet ? Bud maybe both Bisy because its bisy in the summer holiday .. And my second question.. If we go to gili’s Or Nusa is het dan verstandig to allready reserved Youre hotel? Because its populair and small Islands or are there enough hotels/guesthouses? And last question.. I hear that Some hotels and excurtions are more expensiver in July/august, is that True ?

    Hope to Here from you soon!!

    Groetjes uit Nederland!

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Christel! Bedankt voor je berichtje, wat leuk dat je gaat! We antwoorden wel even in het Engels dan kunnen anderen ook meelezen :)) Yes hotels could be more expensive in July and August because it’s high season. Most accommodations have different rates for each season. 1 week only Gili Trawangan or Nusa Lembongan is quite long we’d say. If you have 1 week and love it more quiet and serene we’d recommend a few days Gili Islands (Gili T westside 2 nights and 2 more nights at Meno or Air and 2 at Lombok if you love nature and adventure.) Nusa Lembongan is incredible too, very different but so amazing for beachtime and cruizing around. We’d recommend to stay here 3 nights and maybe you’d love to hop over to Nusa Penida for more adventure? Le Pirate has amazing accommodations at both islands, it’s best to book in advance as this is a popular resort. There are always available places on the islands if you have time to go and explore, just walk along the beach and see what you like or ask around. If you have something special that you’ve seen upfront or rather avoid the hassle of looking around we’d say book it upfront :)) Hope this helps Christel, heel veel plezier!!! -x- Pris & Eve

  8. Lara says

    Hello Ladies!

    Your website and insta are absolutely lovely and make me so excited for my trip to Bali this coming August/September! I only have about 3 weeks and am traveling from NYC so I am trying to plan an itinerary that makes the most of my time. I plan to start out in Ubud for about 4 days, then head to Canggu (I am actually staying at Casa Ocean View) and possibly Nusa Ceningan. I really wanted to make a stop in Gili Air before heading to Lombok…but I think that might be pushing it. In your opinion are the Gilis not to be missed or would my time be better spent exploring Lombok a bit more? Also, it appears you’ve travelled to Lombok, do you have an recs? (Btw, this is a solo journey)

    Thank you!

  9. Eleonora says

    Hello girls!!

    I am an Art Director living between Venice and London and your blog is what i was looking for…
    i love it!

    my bf and I are traveling to Bali in two weeks.. and your posts helped me finding lots of lovely places to check out!

    looks like you are living a great life there ;) you should start your own guide!

    Well, hope to meet you on the island!!

    Ciao Ciao :)


  10. Lisa Sabono says

    Hello Pris & Eve!

    My name is Lisa and I’m from Holland. My boyfriend and I are planning to go to Bali in July 2016 for 3 weeks. This is our third time that we are going to Indonesia/Bali together. The last time we went to Bali we stayed in Legian, Kuta and Ambon but this time we want to go to other places on Bali. We are thinking about going to Seminyak, Jimbaran and maybe Uluwatu. I’m following you guys on Instagram and I’m reading your blog often and I saw some beautiful hotels on your blog in the areas where my boyfriend and I are planning to go, but these are a bit expensive. Do you know some other hotels (only logies) in Seminyak, Jimbaran and Uluwatu near the beach which aren’t that expensive but still as beautiful?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Groetjesss Lisa

  11. Samantha says

    Hi Pris and Eve! I’m crazy into Welikebali travels and lifestyle! I do have a question about living in Bali and the costs involved. Please could you share your insights on what types of places to rent for long term, everyday food prices, transportation, internet and utilities etc. I really value your input in this process i’m going through of making plans to move to Bali too!
    I’ll be so excited to get your reply. Thanks.

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Samantha, that is super exciting to hear and thnks for the sweet words! There isn’t a simple answer to that question unfortunately :)) It really depends on the type of lifestyle, food, etc. that you’re into. Us, for instance, we love health food and vegan food (and coffee) and sports so we spend alot of money on that :) (think 120.000 IDR per meal) If you’d be happy with local food at a warung you’ll spend a lot less monthly (think: 50.000 IDR per meal) . Also there are differences in places to stay: cheapest would be a ‘kos’ of homestay. You’ll have a room and bathroom in a little compound and is usually owned by a Balinese family. It’ll be around 4 – 6 million IDR a month. There are amazing villas with pools available for monthly or yearly rent, but than of course the price will be starting 7 million IDR and up. Usually it comes with wifi but you have to pay electricity monthly as well. Renting a motorbike monthly variates between 650.000 – 800.000 (the newer the model, the higher the price, but don’t cut your budget here because safety is everything!) or around 1 mill for a big bike like a Kawasaki. Renting a driver, car or grabbing cabs is super cheap. Best advice would be: if you haven’t been to Bali before, come here for a few weeks and see if you’d love it. You can see what your kinda lifestyle would cost. It’s cheaper than most Western countries but not at all as cheap as Thailand or other Asian countries. And easiest way to find your islandhome is to find it from Bali, so you can cruise around the area and follow the signs if you see rooms/villa available etc. or work with the local guys to help you find it. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions and good luck with everything!! XO Pris & Eve

  12. Katie-Anne Mills says

    Hi Guys,

    Myself and my partner and thinking on purchasing a van while over in Bali and living there for the year. Have you ever lived or known anyone to live in a van over there? If so, did you purchase it over there or import it etc…

    Any advice at all would be much appreciated!

    Love from Ireland,
    Katie & David<3 xxx

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Katie & David, oh wow that sounds so truly amazing!! We haven’t met anyone jet who’ve accomplished to live that way in Bali, as there are so many ways to live low budget within existing accomodations – but we’re sure there’s always a way. Importing products in Bali is incredibly expensive and difficult as Indonesia is supporting and protecting local production at it’s best. Alot of motorbikes and cars do get imported from Java with the ferry so that could be an option for you two maybe! And we found these guys, they might be able to have more suggestions for your Bali journey. Do let us know how things will progress, excited to follow your adventure! Pris & Eve Xx

  13. Hester says


    In 5 weeks i am visiting Bali for the second time. In Nusa Lembongang i had a scooteraccident and now i am affraid to drive a scooter by myself. If i go 2 Nusa Lembongan again offcourse i want to explore the whole Island. 4 years ago it was difficult to do that by any other transport. What is the best central place to stay and se a lot of the Island without a scooter?

    And what about Nusa Penida? Can i see a lot without a scooter and what is te best place to stay in Nusa Penida?

    Xxx Hester

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Hester! Seeing your message just now, oops! You must be in your way about now! :)) Sorry to hear about your motorbike accident :( We hope you recovered well. Nusa Lembongan is quite difficult to explore without a motorbike we think… what works best if you find someone through your stay that can drive you on the motorbike throughout the day – whether it’s a travel buddy or a local guide. You might find a bycicle to rent, but we’re not sure and it’s quite hilly so not really easy to bike. As there are no cars and by foot you can only see a small piece of the island. Definitely check out Le Pirate on Ceningan, Tigerlilly on the mainstreet of the island or Dreambeach huts (love that beach!). Otherwise you could consider going to the Gili Islands in stead. There you can walk and bycicle around the island as there are no motorbikes and cars :)) We love this!! Check out Gili Getaway for a fastboat and Le Pirate on Trawangan or Avia Villas on Gili Meno. Hope this helps!! -x-

  14. Joana Serrano says


    I’m going to Bali, Kuta, 17 to 22 of May, and I think it is going to raining. I already rad your post about things to do in Bali when raining. But can you tell me some beautiful places to visit? Is it still possible to go to the monkey forest? And about the night clubs, which ones are the better and how expensive are drinks there?
    Last but not least, how much did you spend to get inked, I want to do a small on?

  15. Claire says

    Hi!! Have been following your tips forever & love Bali Bowls Biarritz ☺️ congrats Eve on the baby!

    I’m moving to Bali next year to start a family and looking for info as to where to live and where to find good rentals that aren’t through the roof $$. Any tips welcome, thank you so much!! xx

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Claire, thanks for your sweet message!! And so happy to hear you’re loving Bali Bowls in Biarritz, happy we can send over the Bali vibes haha :)) That is so exciting, you will have an amazing time in Bali! The prices of the houses went up very quickly in the last years. With the future perspective of your family, you could check out Berawa area (Canggu) or Umalas (in between Canggu and Umalas). If you like it quieter you could check out Pererenan area (another side of Canggu more towards Seseh). The best rentals are always popping up through housing Facebook groups. Check them all out to see if there is something you would love: But we would recommend moving here into a temporary house (just book something easy for a few weeks around Berawa area) and then look further for your long stay rental (you would want to see the house in person and see if you like the neighborhood). It’s cheaper if you can pay 1,2 or even 5 years at once (you can negotiate a better price). But there are also rentals that you can pay monthly. Wishing you an amazing time and good luck with preperations! Let us know if you have any more questions!! Xx

  16. Nienke Altenburg says

    Hee Pris & Eve,

    Ik volg jullie al een tijdje en jullie zijn een grote inspiratie voor mij!
    Sinds kort ben ik begonnen met een cursus mode journalistiek bij ELLE magazine.
    Nu moeten we als opdracht een interview houden. Ik heb een enorme passie voor reizen en zou het fantastisch vinden
    als jullie een aantal vragen zou mogen stellen over jullie ervaring met verhuizen naar het buitenland en jullie werk daar.
    Ik zou het echt heel erg leuk vinden als jullie een berichtje terug kunnen doen. Het gaat om de volgende vragen:

    -Wat was de reden voor jullie om naar Bali te verhuizen/ waarom hebben jullie
    voor Bali gekozen?
    -Wat viel er tegen/ mee toen jullie deze beslissing gemaakt hadden?
    -Jullie zijn natuurlijk enorm uitgebreid met een webshop, met jullie travelguide
    en het aantal volgers op instagram. Wat zijn jullie ambities voor in de
    -Wat zou je anderen aanraden die de keuze zouden maken om naar het buitenland te
    verhuizen voor bijvoorbeeld hun droombaan?

    Graag hoor ik van jullie! Ik zou het super leuk vinden om een berichtje van jullie terug te mogen ontvangen!

    Groetjes Nienke

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