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Salty kisses from one of our favorite places in Bali. We mainly come here to surf, as we love Uluwatu for her always amazing waves in the right season (mostly April – November). This day we had some extra time off to hang out at Suluban Beach also known as Blue Point Beach – happy as monkeys with new bananas wearing our crispy fresh Skye & Staghorn bikini’s from the Montego collection.

Enter the cave

Good to know if you’re not a surfer to know about the tides rolling in and out. Low-tide makes the beach accessible through a cave. Yes, expect to meet your inner cave(wo)men here :) Before you can enter the beach you need to crawl through a very narrow cave and get your feet wet. During high tide it’s perfect for surf, but less for relaxed beaching (cause you need to get back through that cave too, haha).

Our favorite way to explore Suluban

What we love to do, is explore Suluban on low tide. Turn right after walking down the high stairs and pass the main small beach. Believe us, if you’re lucky you’re the only one there – it’ll feel like you’re starring the movie Blue Lagoon (yes, please!). You only feel the sun burning on your skin, the white sand between your toes, the sound of the waves and maybe one sweet old ‘Ibu’ coming to meet you and sell you her handmade bracelets. We paid a tourist price for our super cute shell bracelets as she was simply too sweet to negotiate, haha.

What is your favorite beach in Bali? And have you been to Suluban as well? Let us know in the comments!

Eve wearing: Skye & Staghorn Montego Wrap Top + Montego String Pant
Pris wearing: Skye & Staghorn Montego Sliding Tri Top + Montego Basic Pant

Click here for Google Maps directions to Suluban Beach Uluwatu


  1. Great post! This is my first visit to your page and it looks good. I haven’t been to Bali in a while and this post definitely makes me want to book my flight soon.

    Happy Travels

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Jeremy, thnks for your sweet words! Happy to’ve sold another Bali trip to you, haha : ) Happy travels back to you! Pris & Eve x

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