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Saturday August 26th 2017 | Hi sweet friends and sunshine sisters. We’re SUPER stoked to share that our new online shop: THE ISLANDLIFE STORE is live!

Aside from helping you to make your time in Bali amazing with our Bali Guides, we want you to make your own sunkissed stories and memories that last a lifetime. And for you to hold on to that paradise state of mind every day, wherever you are, we now launched our new online shop, where it’s Summer 365 days a week, and we personally design and handpick sunkissed goods for all you island lovers!


// Take me to Bali
Collection #1 by Welikebali

We created our very first collection TAKE ME TO BALI’ as a wide range of tropical vacay necessities: breezy tees in white and bright colors, swim one pieces (surf proof of course!) with matching beach bag, island style jewelry and accessories and light weight suede jackets for those endless Summer nights and Bali road trips. We also teamed up with a few favorite Bali brands for some exclusive collaboration pieces. Go see them here! 

We spend the last months, days and nights, designing the perfect items and tried and tested all of them. We are a huge supporter of supporting local businesses, so we work personally with local suppliers in Bali.

Enjoy our brand new, super fresh, and always sunny and salty Islandlife Store, and let us know what you think – we personally read all feedback, notes and messages!

PS If you follow us on Insta Stories you must’ve seen we’re in Europe at the moment before we head back to Bali! We’re setting up a litte office space in Amsterdam (where we’ll be sending all your sunkissed goods from!) AND we’re off to Paris for the weekend now, oui! We treated ourselves with a little trip after weeks and nights behind the screen hihi. Follow along on Insta Stories!

Meanwhile, happy sunkissed shopping!
The Islandlife Store | shop.welikebali.com

Yours tropically
-x- Pris & Eve

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Islandlifestore Welikebali28

Sunkissed Suede Jacket Fringes

Just a piece of it all!

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