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Lauren Camilleri   Lauren Camilleri 3 peloton supershopYou know those kinda girls who you meet, always glowing and bursting with joy. Wearing the biggest smile on her face and seeming to enjoy life to the fullest? Well, that girl would be Lauren Camilleri! A.k.a. LOL Bali. Yes, LOL as in laughing out loud, and yes she lives life sunny side up! One of the many reasons we love her and why we’re kicking of our new Salty Talks interview with this islandbabe. [NOTE: In Salty Talks we ask our friends, like-minded islandlovers, creatives and inspiring entrepreneurs around the world to share their personal story and Bali island life favorites with you!]

Enjoy an inside look in the life of Lauren’s plant-based journey, being part @inthesoulshine, the thriving force behind Peloton Supershop‘s vegan menu, happy travels and her perfect salty days in Bali. Enjoy!

// About Lauren
Lauren Camilleri a.k.a. LOL Bali
Born in: Sydney, Australia
Roots: My Mama is Balinese, her name is Made and she is the cutest. Papa is a mix of Maltese (Malta) / Australian. His name is Anthony and he is my hero.
Currently living: In between Bali & Australia.

// Currently working on…
I do a few different things that allow me to live my dream life. My passion and skills are mainly in hospitality. Recently I have been consulting for different restaurants adding Vegan options to peoples menu and helping with staff training. When I’m not in a restaurant I am in a factory overseeing clothing manufacturing. My sister has a Vegan clothing line called @inthesoulshine so we get to work as a team, she designs and I produce. It all keeps me busy but still leaves me lots of room for play time.

// Could you share with us a bit of your vegan journey and how this is is playing a part in your working life?
I was introduced to a Vegetarian lifestyle around 10 years ago. It all started when I realized that the process of the food/animals I was eating was one that I definitely didn’t agree on or want to support.  It started for moral reasons but quickly lead to personal/health reasons. Being Vegetarian I would still consume dairy products and eggs in almost all of my meals. I had lunch with a friend one day and he told me about a Vegan life style and said it is something I should look into as he knew it was so fitting for me and my beliefs. At the time I thought he and the idea was a little far fetched/crazy. But after a little research and a few more documentaries it was clear to me that Veganism was my next step and oh my it is one of the best life decisions to date. Since deciding to live this life style it has brought me so much happiness, food and opportunities then anything before. Mixing my passion of Veganism and Food it allowed me to help my best friends open our first full Vegan Café Peloton Supershop which then opened the doors to consulting for other restaurants.

// Biggest passion(s) in life:
Oh sooo many. But if I had to say it in a few words it would be: Learning, Loving, Giving, Adventure, Fun, Personal Growth and Spirituality. So as long as what ever I am doing is in line with any of the above I am one happy lady!

// What words do you live by?
Aside from words in the last answer I have a few quotes from a book I have been reading recently:

“Become aware of the vast, hidden realm of possibility beneath the surface of everyday experience and the tremendous power we each have to shape our own world. The only world we know is the world we perceive. Therefore, by altering our perception we can then alter the world we know.”

“Life is one big lesson. Every situation or experience that is presented to us is an opportunity to learn something new. Although at the time something might feel hard or uncomfortable remember that it is just there to teach you something new. Never stop learning.”

// Last travel destination
India. Wow. Life changing. Highly recommend.

// Next travel destination (or dream destination on the bucket list;)
New Zealand, Mentawais, Raja Ampat & Phillipines.

Lauren Camilleri 4

〰 BALI 〰

// When was your first time in Bali?
As my mother is Balinese would do regular visits here from when I was still a Bubba.

// Tell us about your connection with Bali and what you love most about island life:
Where to start. Everyday I wake up when I am on this island I am so unbelievably grateful to be here. We live on a tropical island, surrounded by so many amazing people working on their dreams and all doing so many cool things, surfing daily, eating delicious meals out breakfast/lunch/dinner, and sipping on cocktails watching the sunset. Really to me it doesn’t get much better. I guess having my mother and all her family also gives me a strong connection and even bigger love for this piece of paradise.

// Describe your perfect day on the island:
Wake up early as mornings are my favourite part of the day. Some sort of physical exercise, usually boxing or surfing. Breakfast and day planning at one of my fave cafes. Work a little but not a lot. Sunset coconuts or cocktails. Dinner with friends. Tea and documentary. Sleeeeep! :)

// Favorite beach and or surf spot:
Favourite beach have to be Bingin. For surf spot in Bali would be Medewi or Yeh Gangga and Indonesia would be Periscopes in Sumbawa..

// Your favorite places for food / coffee date or sipping on a coconut:
I may be a bit bias here but we spend most of our time at Peloton. Eating Vegan food and drinking coconut coffees.

// Favorite place to stay or island getaway:
I have recently fallen in love with Bali mountains. Its hands down my favourite go to place. Waterfalls, clean air, jungle, village life and so much relaxation time. Bali Eco Stay and Sari Buana Eco Lodge are def my go to’s.

// What do you think everyone MUST do when in Bali?
Aside from eat yummy food, getting massages and relaxing I think it is a must that you EXPLORE more. It is easy to get trapped in the vortex but Bali has so much to offer. Go climb the volcano, do some traditional cooking classes, escape to the mountains and near by islands and take some time to connect with the locals as a they are some of the happiest most appreciative people walking this planet.

Lauren Camilleri 2

Follow Lauren’s journey of living life to the fullest through her awe inspiring and joyful Instagram account @lolbali.

We aim to publish new Salty Talks every week, yay! Let us know what you think of our new feature or leave some sweet words for LOL Bali in the comments!

-x- Pris & Eve


  1. Su Montgomery-Brady says

    Fabulous article on a beautiful girl!! Have watched this girl grow into an amazing young women doing amazing things. Go Lol!

    • Pris & Eve says

      Thanks so much for sharing your loving words for LOL Su! Xx Pris & Eve

  2. Wow lucky!! you have mom is Balinese. I always wanted to come to Bali, because their culture is very unique. and to surf on the beaches of Bali. And finally that dream will be achieved, I will come next month. I’m so excited, so I recorded everything I wanted to do. Bali is well known for its beautiful beaches and culture, so I would like to know. and I can not wait to surf there. oops, I’m not a great surfer. but I know where I have to learn better, my friend recommends a good surf school. and I want to quickly learn and start a new experience. and for you who want to know, please check this site odysseysurfschool.

  3. Mary Dimou says

    Go Lauren,
    We are all so proud of you and such an inspiration. Keep loving life and everything you do.
    Love and Peace Mary

    • Pris & Eve says

      Thanks for the sweet words for this power babe, Mary!! Xx

  4. The information you shared in this blog is the most efficiently reliable one. We hope to read more number of reliable blogs…….

  5. Grace Lee says

    Bali mystical island that is infamous for pairing stunning beauty with a serene spirituality. Knowledgeful blog for Bali travellers.Thank you for sharing this information.

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