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Oh summer loving memories! As you might’ve read in our Summer Recap or saw on Instagram, we had an a-ma-zing weekend at Peppers Seminyak, a luxury villa resort on the main street of Petitenget. Walking distance from Petitenget Beach and our favorite restaurants like Biku, Petitenget Restaurant, Sea Circus, Potatohead.

We checked-into the 4 bedroom presedential pool villa. We could never put into words how absolutely blissful it was (we did not want to leave after the weekend!).

Enjoy our little Weekend Bliss photo diary and share your thoughts on the villa in the comments!

-x- Pris & Eve
Sentosa1Our tropical welcome drinks, too cute! Let the weekend bliss begin.sentosa10First peak into our villa, O M G. Amazing! Can we move in forever?
sentosa24The swimming pool in the midst of 4 bedrooms and 1 livingroom. And look at that gazebo!
sentosa11The super spacious, clean & beautifully decorated living room with sliding doors. *sigh*sentosa20Had to pinch ourselves, how lucky are we to be here. Bless!sentosa18But first, swimming pool!sentosa3Feeling very tropical here.sentosa26 Each of the bedrooms had a separate outdoor bathroom. Had to dive into this bathtub.sentosa19Obsessed with outdoor showers. Sunbeams in your face, tropical oase… love love.sentosa8The livingroom! Not a very good picture, but it was so nice to be in aircon  for a while. Did a little Melissa Ambrosini session before sunset to feed the creative mind!sentosa16Each bedroom had sliding doors with view on the swimming pool. The bed was amazing! Slept like baby’s. So romantic though, missed having our boyfriends here, haha!petitenget-beachEnded the day with a sunset session at Petitenget Beach with our friends, just 1 minute drive on our bikes from the villa. After we got ourselves ‘bunkus’ (food to go) from our favorite Earth Cafe, just around the corner too. Stayed in all night with the girls, chilled in the gazebo by the pool, went crazy on the Dubsmashes and talked about love and life. Pretty much what our girlsnights always end up to, even when making big plans to go out haha. sentosa22We we’re so hooked on the villa we wanted to order brekkie inside the villa, but we decided to have brekkie by the pool at the restaurant as it is so lovely there!sentosa21Our sweet friend Kim! We got her on the picture, hooray haha.sentosa5Just, really, happy :)sentosa4Blueberry pancakes. Waaah! sentosa23On Sunday we tanned. Chilled. Swam. Laughed. Ate. Talked. Oooh Life.sentosa25Tried the chocolate Bali Body. Got us hungry, but luckily also tanned. sentosa6Bali kisses! Little selfie.  sentosa17  The view, always gaze up. sentosa15 Before we checked-out (did not want to leave though), we went to the Spa at Peppers Sentosa Seminyak.sentosa14 We we’re spoiled with a 1,5 hour Frangipangi bliss treatment with a massage, body scub and herbal package. Absolutely one of the best we’ve ever had! The Peppers Spa is always open for non-guests, so we’ll definitely come back here soon. Sentosa2Ended this perfect weekend bliss at the Sunday Afternoon Pool Session, which they have every Sunday, open for everyone! With a BBQ, Cocktails and some good DJ tunes. If you check they’re Facebook page you can keep updated on their events!sentosa13Had the best time at Peppers Seminyak, we had the best time and hope to be back here soon. Let us know in the comments if you’d ever stayed here and if you loved it too!


  1. kim says

    grateful that we had this beautiful weekend together full of laughter and good times…. love you long time! x

  2. I’m really enjoying reading your blog! I love your style and you girls are gorgeous!
    I live in Bali myself, fell in love with the place like you too I guess!

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Sabrina, thank you so much for your sweet words! We definitely share the love for the island than :)) Enjoy to the fullest and keep us posted on your Bali adventures! <3 X Pris & Eve

  3. Jenna says

    Your pictures are to die for, amazing job! May I ask what camera you use?
    Lots of love!

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Jenna, thanks for the sweet words! We used our CanonG16 for these pictures. And now we are loving our new blogger camera CanonG7X : ) Hope this helps! Keep in touch -x- Pris & Eve

  4. hi, if i dont stay at peppers, can i get the facilities such as swimming pool with min purchase maybe, haha, thx for info. i really obsessed with your posted about bali in instagram also.

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Sarah, haha yes you can always go to Peppers and enjoy the main pool at the restaurant while sipping a coconut! :) -x-

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