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When weekend is around the corner we’re always so excitedly talking on where to have a big breakfast on Saturday morning. One of our fave spots to meetup with friends for brekkie is Milk & Madu in BerawaCanggu.

If you follow us on Instagram you must’ve noticed we’re adoring their food and most importantly: the coffee is amazing (Revolver!). The cafe is owned by the team behind other amazing cafe Water Cress (other fave breakfast spot). Practically anything on the menu leaves your tastebuds in awe. Try the smashed green avocado/peas or the skillet eggs.

Where: Jalan Pantai Berawa 52
Pass the Canggu Club, take first street to the left and you’ll see it on the right side.

Have you been here? Let us know in the comments below if you loved it too!

-x- Pris & Eve


  1. franckybaby says

    well it was raining and we were looking towards a pickup at milk&madu with their promotion Margerita drinks…what a con ..i suck the straw 3 or 4 times tasting lemonade in a jar took 3/4 of the ice off …retasted the last 1/4 and still was lemonade…where was the margaritas….wtf….it took the staff 30mn to decide on that lemonade!!!!

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