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One of our favorite things EVER is stroll around and explore new tropical hangouts and surround ourselves with nothing but sunshine, palmtrees, exotic flowers and a hot summer breeze (and our sweet/hot boyfriends Arnaud and Stephen, hey hey). Wearing nothing but either bikini’s or the ultimate islandwear Faithfull the Brand. Seriously wish we could do this all day every day! (Well, add good coffee and wifi and it’s a deal).

The four of us hung out for the weekend at our private villa (!!) La Joya 1 in Balangan last February, arriving on Friday night late. On Saturday we got up super early and went for a morning yoga sesh at Morning Light Yoga at Uluwatu Surf Villas, had brunch at Bukit Cafe with friends, draped ourselves around the pool getting crisped and burned (so hot!) and when a tropical storm hit in we danced and swam in the rain (see video here!). Long story short, we had the best day. We ordered dinner in at the villa, our two house cats we’re so cheeky they ate all the left overs, haha. (full post on this resort & chill day coming up next week!)

Sunday we went shooting and strolling around the villa and the resort in our new Faithfull the Brand pieces from the Summer of Love collection, sipped on fruit juices (and ordered more food in). THE life well tropical! Hope you’ll love the photos!! Btw their new collection is incredible, it’s called The Feeling, check it out!

-x- Pris & Eve

Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-11Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-3 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-4 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-2 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-10 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-9 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-8 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-7 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-16Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-6Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-15 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-14 Faithfull the Brand BaliWelikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-13Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-12 Welikebali-x-Faithfull-the-Brand-17

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Don’t forget to enter our give-away on Instagram to win 2 nights at the Colony Hotel, we’re soooooo excited!! Check it here. 

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