Le Pirate Island: paradise found

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Are we dreaming a little dream? Follow us to Flores, a group of islands in the eastern half of Indonesia and one of our favorite tropical island getaways close to Bali. Maldives eat your heart out!

You might’ve seen our earlier adventure with Le Pirate Explorer here and on Instagram. We went island hopping around the most beautiful islands in Flores and slept in little tent huts on the boat. We swam with manta rays, saw dolphins, sea turtles, visited the most incredible deserted white sand beach islands, mermaided in the turquoise blue sea… everything was magical!

This time we were invited to come stay at the brand new private island of Le Pirate. And it was ultimate paradise! Sleeping in our tropical beach huts, surrounded by crystal clear waters, sipping on our coconuts with our feet in the sand, eating fresh fruits all day and the best homemade Indonesian food by Le Pirate’s team, magical sunsets and long Summer nights with our loved ones under the stars… just… WOW.

Words won’t do justice to this place so check out our photo diary and vlog below or here on YouTube!

Expect some adventure twists, a tropical storm (had to sail to another bay to get on land safe!), and here we made Eve’s baby announcement photo. Still only a tiny bubba of 17 weeks in the belly, oh all the adventures the little one is awaiting, haha!

PS. Sorry for the sound during the vlog, wind was crazy!

How to get there?
You’ll fly in 1 hour from Bali Denpasar to La Buan Bajo. You can choose Garuda Airlines, Lion Air or Wings Air. We usually book through Ticket.com or Traveloka or through the websites of the airlines itself. When you arrive at the airport in Flores it’s a ten-minute drive to Le Pirate hotel in La Buan Bajo. Ask Le Pirate for a pickup transfer or just take a local taxi, you can book it at this little stand next to the luggage band (the airport is so tiny, you can’t overlook it haha).

From there you’ll set sail with Le Pirate to the private island. It’s a wonderful one hour journey. Usually, it’s calm waters, as there’s no swell arriving between Flores’s islands. Unlike during our little adventure, where a tropical storm hit our boat and we had to sail into another bay to get on land safe. Lucky we were able to stay in another beautiful resort on that island and got to Le Pirate island the next day after all.

How long should I stay?
If you do have the time we can recommend you to stay at least 2 nights for a truly remote island experience. If you don’t have that much time in your travel program, you can also visit the private island for the day or combine it with a sailing trip with Le Pirate Explorer.

We hope you’ll love our Le Pirate Island video, also check out our Le Pirate Explorer Flores trip video here or below here, the trip we made in 2015! And let us know if you’d wanna go on this dream trip or if you have any other questions.

To travel is to live! -x-

Go to the website of Le Pirate Island here for more information or to book your stay!

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