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After quite the amount of jetlags and irregular mealtimes during traveling in the last few months we’ve found our body’s in the midst of tiredness and feeling like a little well deserved retreat. We heard many positive stories from our friend about cold pressed Juice Cleanses, so we decided to join the Juice Cleanse from The Seed Bali.

The amazing team from The Seed Bali advised us to start off with the gentle 3 days Rainbow Cleanse to restore the balance of the body. This juice cleanse is designed to push the reset button and give us a fresh start and time to reflect on unnecessary eating habits that do not serve our body positively. Yes. Need this.

A few days before we started with clean, light eating and one day before we had to swear off our soya lattes. Thats when it got tough. The lovely girls from The Seed Bali delivered the cold pressed juice kits to our doorstep, fresh everyday. We loved the cute names for the juices like ‘Vitamin Sea’ and ‘Another Day in Paradise’. Every 2 hours we could indulge 1 juice. And we had 3 coconut waters we had to drink every 3 hours. In between juices we hydrated ourselves with water and organic green tea. We loved the taste of the juices, delicious! Especially the sweet treat number 7 (that tasted most like an actual meal), the ‘Cashew Delight’: cashew milk, coconut water, vanilla, dates & cinnamon. YUM!

Did we make it?
Yes we did. Don’t ask how. During the 3 cleansing days we we’re feeling very (very!) hungry. So honestly: we had a tough time. We are such foodies, not only our body’s went into detox mode; also our minds we’re in serious battle of breaking through the routine walls of eating habits and always thinking what and where to eat. As suggested by The Seed Bali we treated ourselves with massages and mani-pedi’s during the juice cleanse. Made it a bit easier and fun as well. Our body’s felt well energized and calm in the intestines area, not having to handle with any solids for these 3 days. Absolutely a little retreat for the body. Next time we would love to try it for 6 or 7 days and get through the emotional barrier we’ve heard will arrive after the 5th day… we can only image..

We’d love to hear about your experience with Juice Cleanses! Would you mind share them below in the comments? Did you try it before or is it on your bucketlist?

-x- Pris & Eve




Where to get The Seed Bali cold pressed juices?
The fresh cold pressed juices from The Seed Bali are also available at our favorite restaurants Sushimi (Seminyak, Jl. Dyana Pura) and Nebula Petitenget (Lebak Sari). For the Juice Cleanse get in touch with The Seed Bali through theseedbali[at]gmail.com or on Instagram. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I just contacted them for some info on theirs programs.

  2. Remember that fresh juices contain living enzymes which actually enable you to easily assimilate the nutrients in the juices, including vitamins, minerals, various anti-oxidants, organic sulphur compounds and phytochemicals.

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