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Gili Trawangan Swinggili islandlife Palmtrees, coconuts, tanned skin, turtles, bicycle rides & magic sunsets ♡ YES, we are in love with Gili islandlife! We’ve been sharing our Travel Diary on Instagram the last week and had many asking for travel recommendations, so we decided to curate our best tips into this mini travel guide to Gili Trawangan. 

We’ve traveled from Bali to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air already a few times now in the last seven years. We adore the beautiful Meno and Air. The two smaller islands next to Trawangan have a more serene vibe, where Trawangan has been evolving more into a party island. And honestly we’re not the kind of girls who enjoy sipping on vodka loaded buckets and spacing out on magic masrooms. Give us early morning sunrises and sunset yoga sesh instead : )

BUT none the less the island is still stunning and we believe in exploring new things always. This time our boyfriends accompanied us on the trip, yay! (Donut worry, left all the smooshy romantic pics out, and yes there were many ; )

So, let’s do this! Our curated mini guide:

How to get there

We took the Gili Getaway fast boat. It departs from Serangan and takes about 2 hours to get to Gili Trawangan. It’s a little bit more expensive than the other boat services, but we love their service and safe boats (and super happy staff!). A return ticket costs around 80 euros. It includes arranging your pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Bali.

Seasick easy? (Like us, meh!) They’ll give you seasickness pills 30 minutes prior leaving (which are more like heavy sleeping pills so we’re k.o. during the boat ride, haha). And we always take the seats in the back, it helps! PS. We saw dolphins on the way to Gili! So amazing.

Getting around

Bicycles! Yes! Love! There are no cars and motorbikes allowed on the island, so biking is your way to get around. Cruising around the island’s coastline takes about 1,5 hours. We rented the bicycles at our hotel, but you can rent them anywhere on the island.

If possible, try to avoid taking horse and cart (the ‘regular’ way for transport) as most horses are sadly not treated well by their owners : ( Find more info on this here.

To stay

There is a busy crowded center in the south of the Island. Backpackers, party, etc. The West & North side of the island are more quiet and serene. They call this the ‘sunset side’!

We stayed at the amazing Le Pirate on the sunset side. A beach side tropical resort with the cutest cottages you’ve ever seen (and never want to leave). We slept in a ‘mega family sweets’ in the back of the resort with ocean view. The smallest type of houses are one room and a hammock on the porch, but what more would you need! The resort has two swimming pools and hangout area’s and a private beach in front. Next time we would def come back here! (Full post with more pictures from Le Pirate coming up soon!)

While biking around the island we also spotted some other cute looking places on the beach, away from the crowds. Like Villa Sunset Beach and Windy Bungalows for the budget travellers. And we saw some more upscale venues like The Yoga GardenGili Eco Villas or Pearl of Trawangan. 

To eat

We are absolute foodies so when we ended up at Casa Vintage Beach on the first night, we actually didn’t want to eat anywhere else, haha. Delicious smoothies, fresh coconuts, yummy dishes like the humus veggie plates and vegetarian Jamaican Pot. AND the best view and sunset. The restaurant of Le Pirate was also great!

Other eat tips:

To Do

  • Rent bikes and go around the island (and take the small paths inland to find the stunning palmtree fields)
  • Chill, tan, swim: the whole island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters perfect for mermaiding, snorkling and diving.
  • Casa Vintage Beach: all-day hangout; eat, sip on coconuts, swing in a hammock, enjoy the sunset, shop cute vintage clothing, play a game of socker in the sand, take a little nap on the comfy picnic rugs and pillows. On the West (sunset side) of the island
  • Book a snorkle trip: don’t skip Turtle point in front of Gili Meno. Tip: book a half day private boat with a small group of friends / travellers to make your snorkle experience. Our guide Mario was the best! Call him and tell ‘m that you got his contact from us: +62 8 7865262257 
  • Swing at Ombak Sunset; the famous swing in the ocean which you must know as the most instagrammed and pinned spot on the island. Across the west coastline there are more swings and hammocks which are worth a swing : )
  • Surfing: awesome waves with big swells.
  • Diving (we don’t dive but we’ve heard it’s amazing here! Also poss to get your padi here)
  • Sunrise or sunset yoga at Soraya Yoga or Gili Yoga
  • Make sure you’ll catch the magical sunsets every day

And last but not least, take some time to SLOW DOWN and unwind. Gili Trawangan is perfect to get your digital detox / island babeness / chill mode on. We’d say 3 nights minimum is a must to fully live the calm life on the island.

Hope you loved our tips! Have you been to Gili too? We’d love to hear your Gili Island travel experiences and recommendations on nice places to stay, eat or do in Gili in the comments!

-x- Pris & Eve

Watch our Gili Trawangan Vlogs! Made by Makerschannel

Le Pirate Gili TrawanganScreen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-17.04.34 Bikes all set, can rent these at Le Pirate! Screen-Shot-2016-03-17-at-14.23.13Screen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-17.07.23Screen-Shot-2016-03-17-at-14.13.22coconuts pitstop gilicoconuts gili islandscoconut pitstop gili islandsCoconut pitstopScreen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-17.06.57IMG_0019

At Casa Vintage Beach (see more photos here!)Screen-Shot-2016-03-13-at-20.18.39Screen-Shot-2016-03-13-at-20.22.26Screen-Shot-2016-03-13-at-20.21.38Screen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-17.01.27Screen-Shot-2016-03-17-at-14.17.16Screen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-16.51.20
In front of Casa Vintage Beach there are some nice tanning and hang spots for the dayIMG_0044IMG_2029Screen-Shot-2016-03-17-at-14.15.02Screen-Shot-2016-03-17-at-14.15.42Screen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-16.56.16White sandy beaches on the West & North side. With our fave umbrella!gili islandsScreen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-16.37.43IMG_0033IMG_0040
Snorkle trip, that’s Mario!Screen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-17.07.47   IMG_0038
Gili MenoGOPR8515Screen-Shot-2016-03-19-at-17.10.04
Squad photo! So sunburned but so happy

Also check out our Casa Vintage Beach post! -x-


  1. Daphne says

    Where are those fantastic metallic bathing suits from? :o

  2. SallyYF says

    Hi, am going to Gili T. on this coming summer. But I am a solo traveller. May I know how much Mario charge how much for the snokerling trip? And is there any others way to contact Mario?

    P/S: Nice blog

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Sally, so much fun! There are tons of Snorkling & Diving Centers on the island, so you can just walk into any to inform about prices. They have group trips as well so you’ll be with other travelers which might be fun for you! Hope you’ll have the best time Sally! X

      • Ash Hyne says

        Hi, We have a group of 12 keen to do a charter snorkelling trip with Mario. Your pics are amazing! Is he with a particular company that I can contact him by email maybe?

        • Pris & Eve says

          Hi Ash! Yes he is, but we only have his phone number! You can add him on whatsapp and ask if you’d like? Super easy :)) Enjoy your trip en let us know if it worked out! Xx

  3. Cay says

    Omygosh, sorry but I have to ask what camera are you girls using! Pictures are fantastic!

  4. Sara says

    I noticed you guys stayed at le pirate. Have you been to the le pirate in nusa ceningan ? My friend and I are going to Bali in September and we follow your Instagram. Debating which one we should go to as we only have about 12 days including other stops were taking

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Sara, yes Le Pirate in Nusa Ceningan is absolutely amazing! We’ve been there several times. Enjoy your trip! X

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Charlotte, thnks for your sweet words and yes it definitely is! <3 Xx

  5. Sammy says

    Where on the island are those little wooden tables with ththe ocean view? Thanks :)

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Sammy! We think it’s called sunset bar and it’s right on the corner north-east of the island. If you come from the east side and bicycle up north, there’s a beach part where you can’t bike (but easyly walk with the bike) and there it’ll be right around the corner! :)) Very easy to find. Enjoy! Xx

  6. Julia says

    Hey Pris & Eve! Gladly I found your blog via Le Pirate Beach Club´s intagram. We will stay with them at Gili T some nights in may, as well as some days in another place on Gili Air. Do you know if you can buy snorkeling equipment on Gili Air, if we want to do it on our own?

    Really love your blog – can´t wait to be on Bali soon! :)

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Julia! Thnks for your message, how awesome that you’re going tere! If you take a snorkeling trip they provide the gear, and we also think Le Pirate has some snorkeling gear available to use/rent and otherwise there are plenty places where you can buy them on the island. So no worries on that! Hope you’ll have an amazing time! -x- Pris & Eve

      • Julia says

        Hey, thanks for your answer! As we are on Gili T first I guess we would buy the snorkel stuff there. Do you know if there are also Shops for that as the island is smaller?

        • Pris & Eve says

          You’re welcome Julia! There are many shops where you can buy it, no worries! Otherwise if you’re on Bali first you can buy it there at a supermarket or swim shop. Xx

  7. Jess Good says

    Hey guys, ee and another girlfriend are going to visit Gili Trawangan and were just trying to figure out if Le Pirate was a bit far out and what the water was like over that side?

    If its just two of us coming back at night time from bars etc is it going to be a far bike ride or are there some cool places near by?

    Thanks xx

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Jess! Everything is quite close, the island is very small ;) Think it might be a 15 minute bicycle ride, but it will be very dark though so maybe for your safety find something closer if you’re really planning to enjoy the nightlife on the island. There are many cute places to stay, like Windy Bungalows or Kaleydo Villas. Hope this helps & wishing you the best time!! -x- Pris & Eve

  8. kimberley says

    Hey meiden! Wat een supertoffe blog hebben jullie. Ik ga eens alles op mijn gemak lezen! Wonen jullie op bali? Of gaan jullie heen en weer? In juni gaan ik en mijn lover 17 dagen naar bali. We hebben gewoon een vaste reis geboekt bij corendon en we verblijven in een nieuw hotel op sanur. Artotel sanur heet t en de opening is half april. Zo ver alles nu gaat liggen ze op schema dus moet goed komen! Ook hebben wij een nachtje geboekt op lembongan in lembongan cliff villas en 2 nachten op gili trawangan in wilsons retreat hotel. Kunnen jullie hier iets over zeggen? we hebben iig een schema gemaakt waar we allemaal heen willen en dat is uiteraard ubud en uluwatu en in siringaj de sekumal watervallen! Ik hoorde ook dat het t beste is als je voor een dag een taxi huurt dus je eigen chaffeur de hele dag hebt. Hebben jullie nog tips? Love to hear them en ik blijf jullie volgen! Jullie zien er super uit en ik haal mijn inspiratie voor bali er wel uit! Tnxxxxx grtz Kimberley

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Kimberly, wat een mooie reis gaan jullie maken! Klinkt heerlijk compleet hoor dus dat wordt genieten! Nusa Lembongan is onze favoriet en de Gili’s zijn ook heerlijk. Als je naar Ubud en watervallen gaat zouden we zeker een eigen auto met driver adviseren. Je kunt dat meestal bij je hotel regelen. In Ubud moet je echt even bij Sage (vegan) eten en wandelen door de rijstvelden van Tegalalang! Uber hebben ze ook in Bali, dus dat is altijd een optie ;) Je kunt ook een scooter huren en samen op pad. Naar Seminyak en Canggu bijvoorbeeld (ong. 20 minuutjes van Sanur) is dat wel fijn zodat je wat flexibeler bent en meer kunt zien en doen :) Hier kun je lekker shoppen, eten, beachen, sunset drankjes doen (en hier wonen wij idd als we op Bali zijn! Wonen ook in Amsterdam). Uluwatu is ook leuk voor een nachtje overnachten, check bijv. Sun & Surf Stay Bingin! En als je 1 dagje Uluwatu doet, pak dan sowieso even een sunsetje mee bij Single Fin bar. En vanuit Sanur kun je altijd makkelijk dagtripjes maken, bijv. naar Balangan Beach of Bingin Beach en check ook Karma Beachclub en Finns Beachclub (lekker de hele dag kokosnootjes sippen) Je kunt heel goedkoop internet op je mobiel zetten, dus dan kun je onze tips op Instagram gewoon nog blijven volgen :)) Haha. Heel veel plezier!! xx Pris & Eve

      • kimberley says

        Tnxxxx guyss!! Top! Dat klinkt allemaal super! Ik zit dagelijks op insta op hashtags te zoeke enzo. Sea cirus en cafe organic lijken me super zegt dat jullie wat? Zijn jullie in juni ook op Bali? Misschien kom ik jullie dan wel tegen :)
        Tnx voor de tips! We gaan ze zeker allemaal proberen te doen!! Xoxo Kim

  9. Xavier Polvoskie says

    Recently I had a rest on the Bali. So on the third day I though I wanna go on Gili. To see those islands,
    try to dive and have a good time of course. I called to guys from and then they came and transfered
    me to Gili on a speed boat. The road on boat took just a 2 hours. And then I was on this good islands. Cost –
    225k. There was some problems with internet connection, but it is little things. Diving was really cool and
    beach vacation, yeah. So I can say that you can safely try it.

  10. Jayda says

    Hi! I am planning on going to the Gili Islands! how long do you recommend to stay there? As there are other places we want to go but don’t want to rush our time at Gili! what would you recommend?
    love your blog too. Photos are just breathtaking!!
    Jayda xx

    • Jayda says

      also i am looking to stay at le pirate? do you recommend staying there the whole time at Gili Islands? Also not sure how long we can go for as work and so on! :( haha… Do you know any other places in bali not the islands what are worth checking out after or before we go to Gili Islands? Is Bingin beach nice?
      Thanks again !!

      • Pris & Eve says

        Hi Jayda! We always say take 2 nights minimum and yes it’s nice to stay at Le Pirate your whole stay and fully enjoy it, and if you have longer it’s nice to stay a night or 2 at Gili Meno or Air as well. Bingin beach is absolutely a must! Stay at Sun & Surf Stay, it’s so cute and right on the beach. You can cruise around to many beautiful beaches from there, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Green Bowl, etc. Other beautiful places to travel to are Ubud, Candidasa and a few days in Canggu or Seminyak are so much fun. Enjoy lovely! -x- Pris & Eve

        • Jayda says

          Okay awesome! Sounds great. Thanks girls so much it’s really helpful that you do this. Love your blog keep doing what you do and inspire others!!
          Thanks Jayda xx

  11. Dankzij jullie blog onze klanten weer extra enthousiast gemaakt voor hun vakantie naar Bali en de Gili’s! Vooral de turtles in het filmpje vielen in de smaak. Zo schattig!

    • Pris & Eve says

      Wat leuk om te horen Janneke!! :) Wat hebben jullie toch een mooie job om mensen heerlijk op vakantie te sturen! x Pris & Eve

  12. Xavier Polvoskie says

    Weve visit last autumn Gili islands with my friends. We rode to gili from bali on fast boats by . Gili islands are nicest place in the world: hot and beatiful beaches, fine bungalows, amazing water and many other things. I think you have to visit this place, and its pretty cheap (if you have any money) Anyway in my opinion it is the best place

  13. Lisa says


    Net ook op jullie mooie instagram gereageerd! Zie nu dat jullie Nederlands zijn dus stel ik zo even mijn vragen!
    Ten eerste vind ik jullie blog geweldig en heb ik super veel aan al jullie tips!
    Ik heb nog een paar vragen voor mijn eigen reis naar Bali en de Gili eilanden.
    Wat vinden jullie de mooiste plekken in Bali zelf? En is Nusa Lembongan een bezoek waard? Verder gaan ik en mijn vriend naar Gili Trawangan, en we twijfelen nog tussen Gili Meno en Gili Air. Welke van deze twee zouden jullie aanraden?

    xxxx Lisa

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hoi Lisa, we zien je comment nu pas sorry voor onze late reactie! Heb je al je reis gemaakt? Xx

  14. Maud Lelan says

    Hello, im 19, and i booked a holiday with my now ex boyfriend (woops) and so now going to take the opportunity to travel on my own around the Gili islands. I have a flight to Bali arriving on the 28th of July and wanting to go around the Gili islands for a couple of weeks. I was just wondering if you had any advice on where to find other travelers similar age to myself, around bars,and in a busy destination where excursions are easy to books. Also, recommended accommodation, and any other general advice really. I dont have a too strict budget, but want to be in a relaxed area where its easy to find other travelers.

    Thank you for your time!

    Maud xx

  15. Seva says

    Omg I loved your blog, vlog, pictures and your detailed responses to comments!! Read your blog and wrote down all the tips for my Bali& Gili T trip :) Keep it up Girls xx

  16. Hi, you said there are big waves for surfing, but I couldn’t find any other site that confirmed this. Where exactly are the surf spots? Thanks a lot!

  17. Hi. Yes. Gilis is super!
    But we use Easygili company, they help me arrange our journey to the Gili. Pick up me from hotel in kuta free , water on the way to gili , we pay 19$ in one way , .I.recomend!

  18. Ping says

    i just found your blog and love it. i’m going to gili trawangan for 3 nights could you please advice private boat for snorkeling. Thx

  19. Marilyn Martinez says

    Hi! We’ll be traveling to Bali in May ( to be Married YAY!) We plan to start our trip in Canggu/Seminyak (5-8th) Bukit (8-11th – wedding on the 9th!) ubud (11th-13th) nusa pendina/ lemboganan/ cenigan (13th-17th) and then the gilis (17-19th) and then head back bali for the remainder of the trip 19-23rd.
    Does this sound like a good plan or should we spend more time in certain palces???
    Thanks so much :)

    • Pris & Eve says

      Hi Mirylin, wow congratulations that’s amazing!! Hope you’re having the dreamwedding!! Your schedule sounds incredible, maybe because rainy season has started especially towards the mountain area, Ubud could be skipped and you could stay longer in Uluwatu area or go earlier to Nusa Lembongan and stay longer on the Gili Islands, like 2 extra nights on Gili Air or Meno (so romantic!!). But Ubud is amazing so if you love to be around nature it’s def worth the risk of the rain :)) There’s also very romantic places on east coast like Alila Manggis in Candidasa, very quiet and serene and located on the beach – as alternative for Ubud. Let us know if this helps and if you have any other questions! Have the best time ever and hope to see a wedding pic on Insta!! Pris & Eve x

  20. win says

    The Papalagi Resort was built to provide you with an ideal place for relaxation where the sounds of the waves and bird song will be your music from nature. Located in Gili Gede, Sekotong, an island southwest of Lombok, the island’s breathtaking view of green hills and white sandy beaches invite you to just breathe in and absorb yourself in the moment. Being a traffic-free island, we offer an peaceful time for your holiday.

  21. Tine says

    Hey Pris & Eve
    Jullie blog en instagram is zalig, echt een bron van inspiratie!
    Mijn partner en ik gaan deze zomer naar Indonesië en ik heb al heel veel van jullie blog gehaald.
    Ik zal ook zeker jullie reisgids nog kopen!
    Het is dankzij mijn nichtje dat ik bij jullie terecht ben gekomen.
    Zij is vorig jaar naar Indonesië geweest en heeft jullie reisgids en blog aangeraden.
    Vooral jullie vlog over Gili T heeft ons over de schreef getrokken om daar ook naar toe te gaan tijdens onze rondreis.

    Blijf zeker doen wat jullie doen!
    Groetjes uit België!

  22. Of all my travels in South-East Asia, I strongly believe that the sunsets in the Gili Islands are by far the most beautiful. I pretty much go every day to see what different colors the sunset will bring.
    Your trip our concern!

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  25. Jordan says

    For transfer to Gili Islands we used fastboat from Bali to Gili Trawangan through easygili company, they take us from hotel in ubud to harbour and where we got fast boat, their web page now they use big boat with aircon.

  26. Bali is a really amazing travel destination. Your travel guide will be really helpful to everyone. Thanks for sharing. The photos are also really beautiful.

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