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We still dream about it. The trip of a lifetime. The trip to the magical island Rote, on the east-side of Timor. Stoked with her Oakley sunnies and surfgear on, our We Like Pris joined the two-day Rote Open 2011 surf event presented by Billabong, with competitions on ISC (Indonesian Surf Championship) Masters, ICS Women’s and a special Local Rote surfing division.

The bunch stepped on the plain on monday to Kupang, West Timor with the plan to grab the ferry to hit off to the Rote waves. But mother nature had no mercy as everyone had to be patient for an unexpected storm to pass Timor. Waiting time was spend well by an amazing jungle trip, eating lots of babi asap (smoked pig) and climbing 40 meters down to the crystal caves with water like a million diamants.

But! Waves were waiting to be surfed! Thursday all beachbums reached Rote and moved in the cutest bungalows on the beach, right in front of the lefthander calles Nembrala. A devine scenery. Little piggies all over the beach, road, everywhere. As the biggest part of the population is Katholic, crosses define the streets. People are truly friendly, patient and warm. Rote is a peaceful place, one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. Maybe a bit like Bali 10 years ago. Secret beaches, empty breaks, no tourists, kids playing naked on the streets.. Pure magic.

The perfect righthander awoked: Bo’a. This is the spot where the competition took place. About the competition, Billabong writes: “In an amazing final day of competition at the Rote Open 2011 presented by Billabong on the far-flung East Indonesian island of Rote today, Bali’s Marlon Gerber and Tai “Buddha” Graham from Australia exhibited impressive displays of high performance surfing over the two day event to each end the day in the coveted top spots on the podium. The Masters Division was taken out in a come-from-behind charge by Ketut “Kombong” Juliarta, and the Women’s division was won handily by four time Coca-Cola ISC Women’s champion Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea.”

For the rest, pictures speak. We thank Oakley, ISC crew and everyone joining this magical trip to Rote. We like!

Read the full report on the website of ICS. 

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