Welcome to our personal salt & sunshine covered Islandlife, Style & Travel blog. We are Pris & Eve, born and raised in The Netherlands, rooted Indonesian (Pris: mixed Dutch & Indonesian – Eve: mixed Dutch & Moluccan) – now traveling between Bali, Amsterdam & other paradisely places.

We like Bali is our personal islandlife, style & travel blog,
for lovers of the salty life
like you!

What started out as a Bali focussed blog evolved to include our personal style, photography, sunkissed lifestyle of living happy and healthy, surfing, interviews and traveling together other amazing destinations (from Hawaii to Biarritz and Los Angeles to Sumbawa.. and the bucketlist is still long!). Each story, photography and collab on our blog is created by us with love. The name ‘WE LIKE‘ embodies a positive mindset of focussing on the things you love and like. We believe this is an essential ingredient in (y)our journey to create and live (y)our dream life.

“Bali represents a lifestyle of creativity, love, freedom, travel,
joy, health and counting your blessings every single day!”

How it all began?
We created We like Bali in 2009 – right after we met each other on our first job at a creative agency in The Netherlands and became best friends – when we decided to break some routine walls in our lives and took the leap; we packed our suitcases for Bali adventuring. We decided to upload photos and stories of us exploring to the amazing beaches, new hotspots, the creative Bali fashion scene and inspiring people we met. We fell so in love with the island lifestyle, the ocean and surfing that we decided to continue sharing our love for the island, creating a dreamlife and traveling loads!

We hope you love to join our journey and be inspired to live life to the fullest wherever in the world you are! Come say hi on our ‘talks’ page here on the blog or on @welikebali Instagram or Facebook so we can meet you!

Live love life -x- Pris & Eve

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